About us


is in the family

Two generations share their creative ideas to bring them into our vegan Vietnamese Fusion-kitchen.

Traditional and modern, exotic and healthy.


variety and tradition

Since 15 years, we are anxious to realize the principles of vegan living, not only for our family but for the world, too. In our restaurant, traditional dishes of Vietnam meet the sparkling flame of youthful enthusiasm. We are offering a rich and wide range of deli from Mother Nature with nuts, vegetables of the season, fresh fruit, soya and many other prepared specialties. Water is filtered and activated, we use untreated natural salt and our vegan ambition is just a guarantee for you. In an elegant and comfortable ambience (30 seats, in the summer some 40 more on terrace) we are pampering you with menus-of-the-day, which come new every three days. We pay attention to avoid plastic materials, even when you ordered our catering.

Unlimited Quality

Unlimited Quality

Vietnamese “summer-rolls” and other starters you will find in vegan perfection at our place. Even “Pho” – the national dish of Vietnam – comes in three vegan varieties. Alternatively, try the traditional soup “Mi Quang” as well. We arrange crispy rice pancake with herbs, tofu, sprouts and fruity dips.
We use rice in all its variety of possibilities. Noodles we serve in classic, Udon or rice noodles, accompanied by delicious fresh ingredients, dips and sauces of your choice. Never ever, you will find Glutamate in our vegan dishes! We have homemade lemonades and smoothies and when it comes to wine, we presume its vegan.


Small and familiar

Tastefully furnished with beautiful lamps and other decorative elements in the restaurant you will feel well and almost like at home at “Mom’s”. Even when all seats are occupied, you will feel familiar, relaxed and easy. A cosy and comfortable atmosphere is made by environmentally friendly material like wood and other natural goods.