Was ist Vegan


That is a way of living


Being aware and thinking

Vegan is the kind of living without animal products. By avoiding eggs, milk and even fish sauce, we enjoy the vegan style. Plants give us everything: fruits, vegetables, cereals of all kinds, nuts and soya and that all is a complete offer of nourishing goods for human beings. Vegan food contains enough precious proteins, minerals and trace elements and nevertheless delicious carbs, oil and vitamin. The vegan way and attitude of living, concerning all aspects of the future of the planet will preserve the nature. By vegan living, we are able to avoid the cruelties to animals and respect our responsibility for them. Vegan way of living is no kind of religion but a base of ethical behavior.


The combination of vegan and Asian

Asian food very often is all vegan. No abundance, but the limiting on essentials, no animal product, that’s what our slim list of dishes is all about. We offer a wide range of combinations of Vegan – Vietnamese – exotic food. Á la carte we have delicious specialties like our Buddha- or Zen-bowl, coming with fresh vegetable, sesame, oyster mushrooms, herbs and fruit. Moreover, when you are “addicted” to some sweet stuff, we are able to counsel with tasty Asian-vegan creations out of banana, coco, peanut and so on, and so on, and ……